Frankie Palacios

Like any other morning He would wake up and get ready for another day,
walking down the street with the empty buckets in his clasp, feeling the early mist of
the yet birthing day, another of so many that had come and gone before..He would stand by as the fresh water filled the buckets to the bream..He knew She would be anxiously waiting for His arrival, with it another load for the morning clean…

The Boy yet with sleepy eyes would feel pride with every trip made to the water stop,
because He knew that He was making Her proud and He felt rewarded in His heart by being there alongside Her, this Figure that would shape Him into a Man that no doubt would make mistakes but nonetheless would become Just, Caring, Appreciative, Moral, Noble, Humane..Her strenght would also define Him as a Man, as a Father…

Even in the days of being in the Father figure presence, He knew that it was another that defined Him,
although He felt some pride being a part of the Bold and Charismatic figure’s legacy, because He would teach Him to survive by outwitting the witty and quieting the Politicians, He knew that Humbleness was the better choice, that which He had learned from the One that always was there, no matter where, no matter what, no matter who..She would always be there…

As He became of age, He would deal with the harsh realities of the World, but having been in the presence of 2 completely different personalities would prepare Him for the journey of His Life, even as He made mistakes, He would vow not to make them twice, to be Wise, to take responsibility, to make mends, as a Real Man the Just, Caring, Appreciative, Moral, Noble, Humane, Charismatic and yet Humble Man He’d become.

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