Who We Are

Chavalos de Aquí y Allá is an established 501c(3) non-profit organization formed by Nicaraguan youth in Northern California who are dedicated to alleviating suffering and creating opportunity for struggling and impoverished youth in Nicaragua.

Our goal is to bring together Bay Area Nicaraguan youth to form a support system for our young brothers and sisters in need in Nicaragua. We do this through community outreach and by promoting Nicaraguan culture in and around the Bay Area.

Our Objectives: To help children who live in extreme poverty in rural areas of Nicaragua by providing clothes, meals, toys, school supplies, and other necessities. To create widespread awareness of the disadvantages and hardships faced by young people back in Nicaragua.

Chavalo.com always dreamed of starting up an organization to help out kids from Nicaragua. We began our internet presence in March of 2000, with the idea of providing a digital medium for our culture to highlight our traditions and celebrations and support our art and musicians. During these years we have been able to present different cultural events that have enabled us to do just that, support our artist and bring a piece of Nicaragua to Northern California. Through these cultural events in Northern California we have been able to connect with the younger generations here and in doing so have now been able to form a big brother like relationship with Nicaragua. Our dream has always been to help kids that are in extreme poverty in Nicaragua. This is where the concept of ‘Chavalos de Aqui y Alla’ was born, the new generation (youth) of Nicaraguans here in Northern California (here) helping the struggling and impoverished (youth) in Nicaragua (there).

In making this dream a reality we began to work in helping out kids both here and in Nicaragua with several projects in 2010. We had a Saturday radio show on a community run station KBBF in Santa Rosa that reached over 18 counties in Northern California. We had topics such as: drug abuse, child obesity, teen issues, and more topics aimed at educating our youth and helping create a dialog with parents and even teachers as well as encouraging positive avenues of development like arts, music and sports. We also were able to send bicycles, clothes and overall aide to poverty stricken children in Nicaragua. In 2011, the work continued, we were able to send baseball equipment to kids that never had put on a helmet to play their favorite sport and play in their flip-flops. We were able to send clothes and also Christmas baskets full of necessities for families in dire need. All these projects can be found here. With more donations pouring in, we felt the need to make the non-profit official and have named it what our dream has always been, youth here helping youth in Nicaragua, ‘Chavalos de Aqui y Alla’. We would like to thank everyone who has in one way or another contributed and made this cause theirs, there are many who have helped us along the way and it is with your support that we have been able to make it this far and we will continue to do so. We, the new generation, have a commitment to work ethically and together to bring smiles to those who need it most.

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