Entregas en Las Pampas, Jalapa

Chavalos de Aqui y Alla in August of 2013 travelled to Nicaragua with the purpose of taking donations to kids like: Wheel chairs, clothes, toys, school supplies, sports gear to play soccer and baseball. We enjoyed being in direct contact with kids and parents, we also saw the vast need they are in.


We went to a region called ‘La Nueva Segovia’, it’s in Jalapa and the small village is called Las Pampas near Dipilto in Jalapa very close to Honduras. We gathered mothers embracing their young ones in their arms, and gave out blankets, and warm clothing because in this part of Nicaragua it is cooler and at night the temperature gets cold. We also gave out clothes like sweaters and jackets to the older kids as well as toys, and school supplies.


In this town we have a child who is seven years old, but his body is that of a two year old. He can’t walk because his fee and legs are to fragile to sustain his weight. These issues are due to brain trauma, they operated on him at an earlier age where a valve was placed in his head to help with the swelling (we don’t know the exact medical condition). What we do know is that his mother has to travel to the capital city of Managua for treatment twice a year. She would have to carry him, but we were able to help with a wheel chair to make traveling easier for them. It would have been impossible for them to purchase a wheel chair because of their lack of economic resources. She shared her story with us and said that sometimes she would have to cancel the doctor visits because of finical circumstances. We only share this information as means to help her and kids like him recieve more aide from those who are in a position to give it, which we found and she will be getting help for the next few visits.

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